Submitting your application to receive the trade union premium for 2022

Submitted by ACOD UGent on wo, 03/22/2023 - 12:12

UPDATE: at the end of March 2023 we have received a message from the competent authorities that the (completed and signed) forms for the trade union premium finally can also be sent in a digital format. 
Be aware: only pdf-files are accepted, e.g. a scan, or a digitally completed and diguitally signed form. Taking a photo picture of the form with your smartphone and e-mailing this picture is not allowed, because with a photo picture of the form the QR codes cannot be read by the system during automated processing.


On Wednesday March 22nd 2023 Ghent University has sent the application form for the trade union premium 2022 to everyone who has been employed by UGent in the course of 2022. As every year each ACOD member should complete and submit the application form in order to receive the premium.

Normally you should have received the application form in attachment to an e-mail that was sent on Wednesday March 22nd 2023 to your UGent mailing address. This e-mail had "" as sender and "Vakbondspremie" as subject line. (Do not forget to check your spam folder should you not be able to find this e-mail at first sight.)

Important information for UGent-researchers with an individual FWO scholarship ("aspirantenmandaat") or an individual FWO postdoctoral mandate:

If you are working as a researcher at UGent with an individual FWO scholarship ("aspirantenmandaat") or an individual FWO postdoctoral mandate you will not have received an application form for the trade union premium.

Are you a member of ACOD and are you in this situation? Please e-mail us as soon as possible at Please mention in this e-mail that you have an individual FWO scholarship ("aspirantenmandaat") or an individual FWO postdoctoral mandate and that you did not receive the application form for the trade union premium. Please also mention your name, national registry number and bank account number. We will then take the necessary steps so you still receive a premium.

Can I complete and submit the application form online?

Unfortunately the public authorities involved (= the prime minister's office) requires that the application form should be completed, signed and submited on paper. Our repeated request to allow our members to submit the form electronically until now has always been refused. Therefor we are forced to ask for the printed form, completed and signed by hand, to be submitted before the premium can be paid.

How do I complete the form in a correct way?

The application form consists of four parts. Please check in part A ’Vak bestemd voor de afgiftedienst’ whether your personal details are correct.

Part B ’Vak aan te vullen door het bovenvermeld personeelslid enkel indien er onvolledigheden en/of fouten werden vastgesteld in vak A’ only needs to be completed if some personal details as printed in part A are not correct. So in that case the corrected details are to be provided in this part B.

In part C 'Vak in te vullen door het bovenvermeld personeelslid' you have to complete your IBAN bank account number on which the premium may be paid. In this part C there is also a field to complete your ACOD membership number, however it is not compulsory to add this number. Your membership will be checked through the other detaiils on the form.

Please also do not forget to complete part D with, in the corresponding fields, the statement "gelezen en goedgekeurd" (= "read and approved"), the date and your signature!

How can I submit the printed, completed and signed form to my trade union ACOD?

Please send the completed and signed printed form to:

  • either by internal UGent mail to ACOD - Universiteit Gent, Technicum Blok 3, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 41, 9000 Gent
  • either by normal (stamped) mail to ACOD Oost-Vlaanderen - Aanvraag syndicale premie, Bagattenstraat 158, 9000 Gent

Did you inadvertently send the form to a diifferent address? Please let us now by email to so that we can try to help you to get the form to its correct destination.

Please submit the form as soon as possible, and at the latest before Jully 1st 2023! The sooner we have your form, the sooner you can receive the payment of the premium 2020.

Reminder: for one calendar year you can only submit one application form, even if you would have received multiple forms (e.g. should you have worked for more than one employer in that year). The trade union premium will only be paid once.

What is the amount of the trade union premium that I can apply for?

The full premium is 90 euros. This amount can be lower for people ho have only joined ACOD as a member in the course of 2022, and by this will have paid a lesser amount of membership dues in that calendar year.

What if I did never receive the application for, or if I have lost it?

Under no circumstances will UGent be able to provide you with a copy of the form, even when you would have lost it, would never have received it or when there would be errors in the form.

In this case please let us know as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to Please do not forget also to mention in this e-mail your name, national registry number and bank account number. We will then start the procedure to obtain a duplicate form from the competent authorities.

This duplicate form will be sent to your home address. You should complete and sign it and send it back to us together with a formal declaration on honour containing the follwing information and statements:

  • That one has not submitted an original application form
  • The reason why no original form is available (e.g. it was never received from the employer, it got lost, ...)
  • The name of the employer (Universiteit Gent) and the period of employmment during the said calendar year (i.e. in 2022)

Please be aware: because of the rules and proecures that are applicable a premium that if applied for through such a duplicate form will only be paid later, in autumn 2023. So please first do check carefully whether you have received the original form or not, or whether it really cannot be found back. The premium will be paid a lot faster if applied for through the original form.