Specific information and support for staff members and PhD-researchers who have a foreign nationality

Not everyone working at Ghent University is aware of his or her rights and of the regulations that apply to the own position. This is especially so for people coming from abroad to work for a certain period at Ghent University, e.g. for the duration of their PhD-research.

Part of the regulations are completely similar to those applicable to other members of staff, but part are dependent e.g. on the type of funding (scholarship, employment contract), or on the nationality of the person involved (in relation to individual rights as to social security).

ACOD Universiteit Gent is aware of these additional difficulties with which foreign colleagues are continually confronted. This is why we want to provide specific information to help you to understand your rights and to make sure they are being respected.

We will add this information progressively to our website. In the mean time you can contact us with all your work related questions by sending an e-mail to ACOD@UGent.be

Below you can find an overview with some basic information about the different regulations for international PhD researchers at Ghent University.