Who are we?

On this page you can find useful information in English concerning our trade union, and concerning the rights and working conditions of foreign UGent-members.

Who are we?

ACOD Universiteit Gent is the socialist trade union for all employees of Ghent University, as well for researchers and teaching staff, as for administrative and technical staff. Student-researchers without staff-status can also contact us for information and possible assistance.

You can find a list of our representatives and their contact details in the column at the right of this page (see "Afgevaardigden").

You can also contact us by e-mail: ACOD@UGent.be

Why would you join ACOD Universiteit Gent?

ACOD Universiteit Gent defends your interests as employee. At the back of this page you can find a number of advances in working conditions at Ghent University, that have been obtained by us.

Also, as a member of ACOD Univeristeit Gent, you will receive:

  • a correct answer on all your questions related to your employee status, the working regulations and the relevant legislation, always keeping in mind your interests as a worker
  • sollicitation training
  • trade union training
  • help and assistance when you need to file an appeal against a decision of your employer (e.g. when you receive a negative evaluation)
  • help and assistance when there is a risk that you will receive a formal sanction
  • juridical support when you are confronted to your employer in justice
  • specialized support for completing your tax forms
  • help and assistance with personal problems (through our seperate branch CODA)

Our trade union is based on mutual solidarity between employees. Our members empower us to ameliorate the working conditions for all employees, but also to help our members who are facing individual problems.

Become a member of ACOD Universiteit Gent. This way you are sure to receive help when needed, and you help to make sure that working conditions are good and become better for you and all your colleagues.

You can join ACOD UGent through our website http://www.acod.ugent.be or through one of our representatives.